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VisualEditor: Language templates replaced by snowmen at Japanese Wikipedia
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The error can be seen atロマン主義&diff=prev&oldid=48242310

Each language template in the lead sentence (e.g., {{lang-en}}, used for providing translations of the article title into English) was replaced by two snowmen.

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I quickly tried to reproduce this, and failed. It might have been fixed by improvements to the code. It would be good if someone can ask B637pcgt what they did to cause this issue.

jawp still has only a few VE edits per day

I have just duplicated this in Thai wikipedia. Not only does the {{lang-en}} template turn into snowmen, the surrounding text gets rendered into (bolded) English upon saving.


Chrome 28.0.1500.71, OS 10.6.8

I think that this was finally fixed in Roan's great re-working of snowmen.