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Allow extension options to be specified in API calls
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The rendering of a page can be affected by user extension options (e.g. their choice of renderer for the Math extension) so we should be able to pass through these options to the API.

This is blocking proper support of the Math extension in VisualEditor.

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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[Setting normal prio as bug 51698 (blocked by this) is also normal prio.]

To do something about this, I think we'd need:

  1. Put these extension options in ParserOptions, somehow. The extension would also have to depend on the ParserOptions rather than user preferences or the like to determine behavior.
  2. Be able to query the options available in ParserOptions, along with their API data types. And be able to set an option generically by name.
  3. Then ApiParse and other modules can use this to add relevant parameters for the parser options.