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VisualEditor: Inspectors apply if you exit from them without a positive action, which can be a bit confusing
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If you start to add a link, and change your mind (e.g., you realized that you have the wrong word selected), there is no way to simply cancel adding a link. You have to remove the link with the trashcan icon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select any word.
  2. Press ctrl-K to enter link tool.
  3. Attempt to cancel the link by closing the unwanted link tool dialog box using Esc key or the < button.
  4. Discover that VisualEditor linked the word anyway.

If the Escape key and "Cancel" button are worthless for escaping/going back/cancelling, then they shouldn't be present or have any effect.

(T93749: Have close buttons on inspectors and dialogs alike, in mobile and desktop environments altered this to re-add the cancel/close button.)

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This is due to fixing bug 51065; we can either have one or the other, but not both. I'm minded to stick with the behaviour as it now is, as it's less confusing that the previous form was.

Consequently, marking as WONTFIX. Very happy to be argued around to the opposite behaviour, however.

I'm getting very frustrated with the current behaviour of the link tool in this regard.

When I am in the link dialog and I press escape I want the dialog to exit and leave the page in the state it was in before I loaded the dialog, ignoring any changes I have made and whether I was adding or modifying a link.

The current behaviour of the < button (close and apply the current state) and the rubbish bin (close and remove link) are correct.

There also though needs to be a button/icon though that closes and cancels all changes made (this is bug 52462).

I'm not sure that the < button is going to be interpreted as "close and apply". It looks to me a lot more like a "get me out of here" or "go back (to how things were)" button. I think that it ought to be treated the same as an Escape key.

  • Bug 56431 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Maybe we should label the "cancel" button "remove" or somesuch? I don't know…

We now have a "Remove" button, which is nice, but since the link is automatically created when you open the inspector, most people don't know that if you did nothing and want nothing to make the link, then you still need to "Remove" the link that you didn't know you already made.

Change 209695 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester):
Only apply annotations if 'done' is clicked

Change 209695 merged by jenkins-bot:
Only apply annotations if 'done' is clicked