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VisualEditor: Page down and page up not working as expected in Firefox
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an IP editor at en.wp reports:
"At any given page, as long the edit box is selected (with the cursor blinking) pressing 'page down' or 'page up' takes you to the end of the page. Firefox 23.0, Linux Mint."
The example page they gave was [[Jet Lee]]

Using Firefox 23 on Xubuntu linux with the monobook skin I am unable to duplicate that behaviour, but:
At [[Jet Lee]] and [[User:Thryduulf/sandbox2]]: pressing page down or page up works as expected once but then does nothing. I then click anywhere in the body and again one of them works once, and then not until I click. However, once I've viewed the end of the page it expected.

At [[User:Thryduulf/sandbox]] and [[Timbuktu]] it works as expected from the start.

At [[Nigeria]] I saw the same behaviour as at [[Jet Lee]] but when I returned to the top of the page it went back to working only once.

At [[Great Balls of Fire]] page down worked once, then didn't. I clicked and it worked as expected subsequently.

At [[Malvern Link]] I saw the same as at [[Nigeria]], but after pressing page up both page up and page down then worked as expected.

I'm struggling to see any pattern.

Bug 33047 was suggested as having potential relevance, but that was fixed in October 2012 so my gut feeling is that its unlikely.

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the same IP user has followed up saying (while I was reporting this) that they have been unable to reproduce their original report in Firefox 23.0.1 in Windows (they don't say which version)

It's Windows 7, sorry. I am also the original reporter of the related bug 52445, whose effect is also being kicked to the end of the edit box and Firefox only.

Germanjoe comments suggests it may be related to problems establishing cursor position relative to templates:

"Maybe a related error occured, while testing in [[Nigeria]], Firefox 23, mono. Enter VE-mode and click below one of the huge (really huge) navbox farms at the end of the article (in the blank line below them). Now i made two tests:

Click "Page up" => OK, scrolls up as expected.
Now click "Page up" again => ERROR, jumps down to the initial position below the navbox.

another test from the same initial position below the huge navbox:
"Page up", then "Page down", then "Page up" and a second "Page up" => works OK.

If i had to guess (uneducated as always), it looks like VE has problems storing or establishing the cursor position while scrolling through some huge or complex templates. "

I am able to reproduce this on Firefox 24/Linux.
Page down on the following articles jumps to the bottom of the article, irrespective of where the cursor is placed. Even stranger, page up also goes to the bottom of the article.

The problematic behaviour doesnt happen on simpler articles like,_W%C4%85growiec_County&veaction=edit

Bug 51957 is another Firefox only keyboard navigation problem.

AFAICT this is now works in Firefox since the Firefox-related CE fixes, though there are some oddities generally about Page Up / Page Down. Closing as such for now, but happy to re-open if I've missed something.