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VisualEditor: Prevent application of link annotations to references
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Author: Wikifram

This test edit[]: all I did was add [[Test]] at the end of the sentence (to check basic nowiki functionality in the new release 23). However, VE started moving the nowikis around, and now the ref, which was in the old diff a nice "1", is now a strange string, "UNIQ74171d8572aa65a1-nowiki-00000018-QINU1UNIQ74171d8572aa65a1-nowiki-00000019-QINU". This will probably be a rare occurrence, so not urgent in that regard, but it may be indicative of other problems.

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Severity: normal



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Wikifram wrote:

Note that when you open the page in VE mode, it again displays the ref correctly. Strange...

Note also that a much simpler version, a link with a ref in the link, has the same behaviour, so the "nowikis" are probably only a distraction and this may more serious than I first thought...[]

  • Bug 56751 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Otherwise, output is ill-defined (UNIQ bug) and not good for users.

(Thought there was an existing bug, but couldn't find it.)

Change 96238 had a related patch set uploaded by Esanders:
Prevent link-annotating MWReferences

Change 96238 merged by jenkins-bot:
Prevent link-annotating MWReferences