ref inside Wikilinks leave UNIQ


See URL. See ref inside the wikilink ([[Lemma|<ref>Text</ref>]]) leaves UNIQ-Marker on the parsed side.

This looks like a bug. I think it is no good idea to put the ref as a linktext, but that should not leave in UNIQ-Marker. Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement
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see also 18295

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see also 18295

bug 18295

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BTW html generated from [[A|B<ref>C</ref>D]] wikitext snippet is invalid:

<a href="/wiki/A" title="A">B<sup id="cite_ref-1" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-1">UNIQ9df68fa7c22a8f29-nowiki-00000004-QINU1UNIQ9df68fa7c22a8f29-nowiki-00000005-QINU</a></sup>D</a>

Compare [[A|B<charinsert>C</charinsert>D]]:

<a href="/wiki/A" title="A">B</a><a onclick="insertTags(&#39;C&#39;,&#39;&#39;,&#39;&#39;);return false" href="#">C</a><a href="/wiki/A" title="A">D</a>

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