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IE (9, 10 and 11) compatibility: Card does not show on 2nd hover of same link; Images are not displayed
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For first issue, see

Replication instructions:
0: find machine with internet explorer (verified with IE10 on win7, IE11 on win7 and win8.1)
1: open enwiki, log in, activate hovercards
2: hover over a link and make sure card appears
3: stop hovering, see the card disappear
4: hover over same link again
EXPECTED RESULTS: card should appear again
OBSERVED RESULTS: the card appears empty, with height=0. the little triangle is still there, and the upper and lower borders of the card are shown basically merged to one horizontal line.

(repeat steps 0,1,2 from above, for a link to an article with an image):
Notice that the image appears to be broken.
this issue is only verified with IE10 on win7. it may or may not happen with IE11.


Problem captured in this video:

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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empty hovercard


empty_hovercard.gif (46×494 px, 4 KB)

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no image on hovercard


Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_9.28.21_am.png (528×523 px, 114 KB)

I also happens in IE11 on Win7.

The empty hovercard may or not have a full frame.

Different links to the same article behave differently and changing behaviour:

  • Hovercard with text but no image
  • Empty hovercard but with the dimensions of a full hovercard
  • Empty hovercard with 0 height

Screenshot_2015-04-17_10.15.59.png (347×623 px, 30 KB)

Screenshot_2015-04-17_10.15.43.png (236×531 px, 10 KB)

Screenshot_2015-04-17_10.14.09.png (377×631 px, 24 KB)

Screenshot_2015-04-17_10.13.16.png (486×667 px, 27 KB)

Screenshot_2015-04-17_10.13.12.png (486×769 px, 88 KB)

Prtksxna set Security to None.

Thanks for updating this @geraki. I am looking into it right now.

Change 207389 had a related patch set uploaded (by Prtksxna):
Use correct selector for div's that hold PNGs when SVGs aren't supported

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Patch is -1ed
Let me know if this is still being worked on.

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Change 288552 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Do not directly manipulate the cached object

Change 288552 merged by jenkins-bot:
Do not directly manipulate the cached object

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I've tested 288552: Do not directly manipulate the cached object in IE9 and IE10 on Windows 7, and Chrome (50.0.2661.102) on OS X (10.11.5) and I believe that this is fixed. If you find that the issue is still present in IE11, then please reopen the task.