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MobileFrontend does not display full page content like the desktop version.
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I can see on Wikipedia that MobileFrontend's mobile view does not show the full page content like on the desktop version. E.g it omits templates and may refuse to style some elements. I can also find that the category template which shows the category in which an article resides is absent.

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

Any templates that use the following classes are hidden by MobileFrontend:
ambox, navbox, vertical-navbox, topicon, metadata, nomobile.

A few other random things are also hidden like title coordinates and the image magnification icon.

The category links are shown in alpha (experimental) mode, but not in beta or stable mode. We are currently evaluating whether or not they should be shown by default.

All of these differences are intentional, mostly to keep the mobile view as uncluttered as possible or to hide elements that don't fit within the mobile view (such as navboxes). If you think that a particular element that is hidden in the mobile view should instead be shown, please file a specific bug about that element. Thanks!

Maybe we should add an option in the mobile view to display full content without having to go to the desktop view.

I can see that the MediaWiki home page does not display correctly in MobileFrontend. For example, the download link is missing and serval templates in the page are just absent including the news template, the content of the page is not styled correctly in the Mobile View.

I don't think displaying the full content on mobile really makes sense. Take a page like If we included all of the navbox templates, you would have to scroll through several screens worth of links before you could start reading the article. The navboxes at the bottom are frequently collapsed by default, so they wouldn't be as much of an issue, but as soon as you opened one, the width of the page would expand dramatically and you would have to scroll horizontally. The 'nomobile' class is explicitly intended for content that isn't designed for a mobile interface, so it wouldn't make sense to display that content either.

If there are any specific things that you think should be displayed in mobile though, please let us know with a more specific bug.

The content that is displayed on the mobile version of the MediaWiki home page can be customized using the instructions found at: