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GWToolset uploads files without file description pages
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JeanFred created this task.Oct 1 2014, 6:44 PM
dan-nl added a comment.Oct 1 2014, 8:23 PM

was it uploaded recently? after the new Special:Log for GWToolset was added? i didn’t see any of the titles above listed in the current Special:Log, this month or last, so my guess is that they were uploaded prior to that logging feature?

(In reply to dan from comment #1)

was it uploaded recently? after the new Special:Log for GWToolset was added?

These files were uploaded in July, hence before IIRC.

(This issue got under my radar only now because a Commons editor found them & tagged them (appropriately) as missing info)

whoops, should have noticed the date/time stamp.

because someone else edited the pages, GWToolset won’t upload to the page again. is it possible to delete the pages and then run a batch upload just these pages? i have run this scenario locally before and it worked in that environment, so i believe it will work on commons as well.

The pages got deleted and I finally got around to upload them again. Everything seems fine. Changing for "Unconfirmed" but that is still fairly weird.

(Note that links are still red because I renamed the file because of the double-extension)

I suspect this is not gwtoolset's fault, but MW. We've had intermitent problems before where this has happened. At the time I suspected (but could not confirm) it to be related to external storage timing out/not saving properly.

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