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Scrum of scrums dependency matrix mapping equivalent in phabricator?
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WMF Engineering's weekly dependency management meeting ('scrum of scrums') currently uses a matrix view in Mingle to at-a-glance see dependencies (and their related statuses) between engineering teams.

In order to to start using Phabricator for scrum of scrums instead, we would need to be able to replicate this kind of view - or an acceptable alternative that would achieve the same goal of at-a-glance view of dependencies between teams and their statuses.

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This clearly doesn't exist in Phabricator today. It would need to be developed as an extension.

The concept that enables that grid is "Team Dependency:", which is a concept that Phabricator doesn't have.

So I guess you have to create those tasks specifically for the Scrum of Scrums? Today it looks like you will keep using Mingle as a specialized tool for that specialized activity. If creating that grid is not much overhead, then perhaps the simplest is to keep it there until someone wants to work on it, here or upstream.

Marking this as Needs Volunteer because I don't see us working on this anytime soon.

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Related thread, where a suggestion has been made to maintain this very specialized view in an interesting and apparently emerging innovative technology called... a wiki page. :)

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@Awjrichards wrote:

Scrum-of-Scrums folks agreed this morning to start using Phabricator for tracking dependencies.

@Spage will be making sure that current open dependencies in Mingle are tracked in Phabricator, and SoS folks agreed to use as the focal point for the weekly dependency management conversations, starting next week (19 November 2014). I've gone ahead and updated the link to the card wall in the SoS calendar invite.


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It looks like this is not needed anymore. Declining.