jquery.tipsy: Don't use deprecated/removed 'context' and 'selector' features
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To avoid breaking jQuery Tipsy, we re-enabled the 'live' option using context and selector in aa524075ac734fbf584bb9ff69fa10ec2883df20 . However, these are deprecated (selector is actually officially 'removed', even though it isn't yet literally since it's there to implement jQuery Migrate).

Thus, we need to stop using this deprecated functionality and find another way to solve the problem.

See T69989: [jquery.tipsy] Uses deprecated $.fn.live when using live option.

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jquery.tipsy: Remove support for 'live' option

I have too many open changes and no one seems excited about this.


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jquery.tipsy: Remove support for 'live' option

Apparently we're going to do the jQ3 thing quite soon, so…


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jquery.tipsy: Remove support for 'live' option


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