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Author: line remains in the description, even after the task is claimed by email address
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In (migrated from, my comment is shown under my Phabricator username, so there is no "pleasestand wrote:" line. However, even though I am listed as the task's author, the description does say "Author: pleasestand". Including that fact in the description is redundant, so it should not be there.

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We remove the "JohnDoe wrote:" line for any followup comments already after having claimed contributions hence wondering how complex that would be to perform also for the initial description.

@chasemp should know.

Removing that line from the description would require batches of cache invalidation, replacing the whole content and wiping it out. This would require redoing lots of logic and add quite some complexity to the ongoing metadata migration so we'd prefer to avoid it currently.

People could still edit the description manually if they strongly feel about it.

Since this is a detail that can be polished after the migration, we will look at it in more detail later.

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As a matter of fact, @chasemp fixed this one silently. I haven't seen any "Author" reference in claimed tasks. Thank you!