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MassMessage - request to insert as first section
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In some projects, the target of global message delivery uses to insert a new section at the top of the page via &action=edit&section=0. See ru-Wikipedia Village Pump and possibly de-Wikibooks Schwarzes Brett (there's a discussion at the moment whether to change the rule for this page).

Please, enable this feature as option. Thanks, Juergen

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There is also T66463, "Ability to subscribe for delivery to a specific page section (replacing existing content)"

I didn't find T66463 by searching. Indeed, this seems to enable a more general solution. I'll add myself as subscriber.

I would say the way this software bottom-posts on forums which require top-posting is disruptive and without any workaround (other than people fixing it by hand). Would prioritizing it as High be pertinent here? Thank you.

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