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Escape regular expressions in Quiz
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The following is spotted in production:

1 Unknown modifier 'k': [`^Ma`i ko`u hoaaloha \(i\)$`i] in /srv/mediawiki/php-1.26wmf2/extensions/Quiz/Quiz.class.php on line 765

Line 765 is a preg_match() call, one of over 20 regular expression uses this extension. I don't see any calls to preg_quote() anywhere so I imagine user input is ending up unescaped into regular expression functions. As in the above example this allows users to craft input that allows for changing modifiers of the regular expression (/e anyone?).

The extension should be audited to fix this and any other (likely) unescaped regular expression issues.

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I don't think this will lead to code execution, since Quiz only does those for preg_match and not preg_replace. But definitely a DoS vector (

Should be safe to just preg_quote the user input.

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I'm not sure if this blocks 1.24.3?

@demon We added that blocker just to indicate that this fix should be included in the 1.24.3 release.

Since it's WMF deployed, I'm assuming we would mention it in the next release before making this bug public. Just so 3rd parties aren't caught unaware. But I'm happy to go with whatever releng wants to do.

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CVE-2015-6736 was assigned for this.

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