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UploadStash - Cannot serve a file larger than 1048576 bytes.
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When trying to open a large file on stash to resume upload, it failed loudly with an 50x internal error.

How to reproduce the issue:

  1. Through UploadWizard, upload a large file with chunked uplads
  2. Don't complete the upload process
  3. Go to stash
  4. Click on the file

Expected result:
to get the possibility to write metadata and complete upload process

Actual result:
The link go to the file media,

Internal Server Error
Cannot serve a file larger than 1048576 bytes.

Initially reported by Deasyzor.

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This task should be either better phrased or declined:

  • the part about completing the upload process is already discussed on T85561 for UploadWizard (Special:UploadStash is MediaWiki core, but the main user is probably UploadWizard) and there is already a patch about resuming stashed uploads in UploadWizard;
  • the part about the Internal Server Error can be reproduced with any file larger than 1Mio, but it is a feature to avoid abuse with people using Special:UploasStash as a file drop, see comment in code.

Possibly the second part could be slightly improved by either removing the link in Special:UploadStash for files larger than 1 Mio either displaying a more friendly error message, and it is not really a 500 Internal Server Error but rather a 403 Forbidden (it is not a server error, but a refusal according to a policy).

I'm facing the same 500 internal error on a MediaWiki instance I'm working on. I understand the reason of this 1Mio limit, but this should be at least configurable in the LocalSettings to allow non-Wikimedia wikis to adjust it depending of their need.

Change 906772 had a related patch set uploaded (by 0x010C; author: 0x010C):

[mediawiki/core@master] Add UploadStashMaxServeBytes configuration setting