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Gather can't merge code due to issue with karma (jenkins mwext-qunit job)
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I'm not sure what changed recently but all patches to Gather are currently failing.
I can replicate this locally with karma but cannot identify the exact reason (seems to be related to initialisation code in modules that we are currently working to remove but it is not an easy fix)

I have no idea why this has suddenly become a problem since the code that is a problem in MobileFrontend (and MobileFrontend is not being impacted by this problem)

I would appreciate some insight asap from @Krinkle or anyone else who knows this stuff as this is blocking us from doing work on Gather.
Seems to have broken sometime between 14th and 18th of May.

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The jobs fail with:

        Modules in error state
	Actual: mobile.notifications,mobile.notificat....

That is an assertion in MediaWiki core QUnit test runner which reports that bunch of RL modules have errors. The mw-debug-www.log debug file attached to the build does not seem to offer any hint though.

Luckily you can reproduce it on your local instance. Maybe you can try bisecting by using a commit of mw/core that was known to work and repeat with other extensions involved.

Seems to me Gather is no more compatible with whatever MobileFrontend change occurred. The qunit job running running for MF do not include Gather.

I think this should get fixed by
and but these are big dependency changes.

I'm not sure what made this surface only in the last 4 days in Gather but not MobileFrontend (the issue is in MobileFrontend code) but it seems to be due to code that expects the MediaWiki HTML due to some legacy code issues.

@phuedx @kaldari I would appreciate review.
I notice MobileFrontend is not using karma @hashar - is that because of this issue?

@hashar sounds like MobileFrontend needs to run Gather's tests...?

This is now fixed. Summary: a seemingly harmless change in MobileFrontend broke Gather QUnit tests running in desktop. I've setup a sub task to stop this happening again.