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AutoWikiBrowser-Pywikibot collaboration
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Collaboration between PWB and AWB would probably be useful in general. I believe they are the two most complete bot frameworks, but feel free to add other Phab projects for MW clients which have similar sized cross language/project userbases.

There is very likely to be features that can be 'shared' between Pywikibot and AutoWikiBrowser, despite being different frameworks and programming languages.
Design work can be re-used. Regex's and test cases can be compared to ensure they handle all the same corner cases.

We could even have PWB on IronPython running as an AWB plugin. More crazy ideas anyone?

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I'd love to see more openness on the part of the AWB devs.
Especially more than this and this.

I'd love to see more openness on the part of the AWB devs.
Especially more than this and this.

T101053 and T101051 are the discussion for that. We're fairly open; no one has really asked for commit access, or provided sample contributions etc. Granted, Github (or similar) makes this all easier

I seem to recall trying to play with IronPython with AWB before (for Custom Modules or similar) to not much luck. I'd be willing to try and see if we could get an AWB plugin wrapper that could encapsulate pywikipedia, and similarily to allow python custom modules

To which extent, having the plugin provide the IronPython support may be sensible, rather than having extra hard dependencies, and/or shipping a load more dlls with AWB itself

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