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Make finding articles to translate be more flexible (accepting URL and more)
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When creating a new translation users select an article to translate. Currently, it is supported to select an article by title (and redirect names). However, that is not the only way to refer to articles and we can facilitate the search of articles by making the input more flexible.

We should be able to start a translation for the "Pad Thai" article by:

  • Title. Pad Thai
  • Redirect Padthai
  • URL. (possibly setting the source language to English in this case)
  • URL title. Pad_Thai
  • URL with namespaces. Wikipedia:WikiProject_Food/Translation_task_force/Pad_thai (assuming it is an excerpt of the article to be translated, similar to the case described in T86744#1569794)
  • Wikidata ID. Q730298

The specific case of supporting URLs was mentioned here.

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Related to T123529, it may be useful to find articles based on tags. Especially in the context of translation campaigns (T96147), a translation campaign can be easily be defined as translating all articles created by another editing campaign without having to define them one by one.