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Stats for a page is not updated after a null edit. Now it has to be a real edit
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Earlier, after I finished some translation, it showed me ~90% translated. All I had to do was to purge my translation using a null edit on any of the translated messages. But now it has to be a real edit to make the translation 100% translated.

This might be OK, if I check my translation and find some mistakes – I simply correct them and the translation is 100% complete. But sometimes there's nothing to correct, and this creates a problem.

Besides, to make the whole message group 100% translated, I had to 'null edit' every single page to find the ones that possibly need a purge. Will I have now to do a real edit on every page in a group to make the translation 100% complete?

See also: T48716: Translation page does not contain the latest translations/last translation

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I had to false edit every single page in the VisualEditor message group on to find out that only the very last one from that group (VisualEditor/Survey 2015/uk) triggered the group translation stats 100% complete.

How do I know that? I simply made a small/false edit (an edit and reversion) in a random message of every page in the group, and reloaded the Special:MessageGroupStats page after such an edit. It constantly showed me that there are 40 more untranslated messages, and 95% complete.

But after I made an edit in the VisualEditor/Survey 2015/uk, it suddenly showed me 0 untranslated messages and 100% complete. Btw, the page VisualEditor/Survey 2015/uk had been 100% complete as well.

Something's definitely wrong with that stats thing.

The group which is relevant to the contest is this one. I had saved that page right when the translathon ended, and Ukrainian was already 100% and 0 untranslated messages.

@Elitre I am talking about another group, which I've finished translating today. The one relevant to the contest is called "VisualEditor Translathon", and the one I'm talking about is its parent group, called simply "VisualEditor".

Contributions show that the translation page was up to date before the edit which triggered the statistics update, so it's not an issue of translation syncing for once.

Bumping this thread, as this bug (at least, I think it's this bug) has surfaced on Meta this week and caused rather a lot of annoyance for people trying to track translation progress on multiple languages.

This might be relevant:
When you start translating a page and translate the (any) first message, your language is added to the <languages /> box and shows 0% translated, as if that first message was ignored.

I've just tried to translate the first message on a page, updated it by doing another edit to the same message (the 0% turned into 7% translated) and translated another message to see what happens. Nothing happened - it still shows 7% translated. The next edit would update the statistics, but it seems that the statistics is one edit slow.

Like a clock - a clock might be one minute slow, the statistics is one edit slow...

This was changed in T102229 so that stats are not updated for null edits.

Change 282378 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
Improve translation statistics regeneration

Change 282378 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
Centralize post-page saves updates

Change 282378 merged by jenkins-bot:
Centralize post translation save updates

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After the current patches reach the wikis (will happen week after next week due to codfw switchover), the behavior would be:

  • (null) editing of a translation unit will do a recalculation of the stats for the language and purge all the translation pages as well as the source page
  • purging a translatable page will refresh the page cache (recalculation won't be done)
  • marking for translation would cause a reset of statistics for all the languages.

I hope we are able to find the root cause of the actual issue so that null editing won't have to be done. See T49864: Language bar percentages are off