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ISBN are surrounded by nowiki
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Apparently, when you type an ISBN in VE, it's now escaped by nowiki tags instead of being properly kept as simple text (which will then be automatically wikified by then ISBN extension).

It's easily reproduced.

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Will be fixed by this week's VE deploy (tomorrow).

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This still happens, at least as described in the title.

For example, I typed "Life and Art. London: Paladin. ISBN 0-586-08544-0" in VE, and the wiki syntax output was Life and Art. London: Paladin. <nowiki>ISBN 0-586-08544-0</nowiki>. See

Still happening on a lot of edits.

Is there any plan to fix this, the amount of maintenance work to fix the garbage VE is producing on a regular basis is huge...

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This still happens, at least as described in the title.

Please do not ever re-open long-dead tasks; no-one will ever see them. My thanks to @NicoV for flagging this issue, which is being followed-up in T117165: Sometimes user-inserted ISBNs don't get converted to magic links somehow, meaning Parsoid has to nowiki them….