Notify inactive translators that new suggestions are available
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For users that have not published a translation for a while, we can notify once that new suggestions are available.
This notification will act as an announcement about the suggestions feature as well as a reminder of translating in general.

Although the process of updating suggestions and showing them to users may have different timings, this notification is not correlated with those events but based on user inactivity (based in the fact that given a reasonable time there will be suggestions the user has not seen before).

We need to make sure this remains useful and does not become an annoying reminder:

  • We should not send the notification twice if there was not translation activity after the first time.
  • We can consider making the notification based on explicit subscription from the notifications list.
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This seems like outdated proposal. @Pginer-WMF, can you confirm?

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This seems like outdated proposal. @Pginer-WMF, can you confirm?

This idea came out of an old exploration, but it may be worth keeping it to discuss the idea if we decide to move in such direction. It's definitely of a lower priority compared to other notifications related to Content Translation.