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Offer a combo of Parsoid and RESTbase in a single process using service-runner for severely memory-constrained environments
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As suggested by @GWicke in T111223#1697385.

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I don't think it's worth it. Parsoid should still be available as an independent Vagrant role, which means a lot of Puppet code would need to go into figuring out should we run them together or not (based on whether RESTBase and/or Parsoid role has been enabled).

GWicke renamed this task from Make the combo of Parsoid and RESTbase on MW-Vagrant more efficient by combining the two in a single process using service-runner to Offer a combo of Parsoid and RESTbase in a single process using service-runner for severely memory-constrained environments.Oct 3 2015, 5:32 PM

Updated the title to clarify that this is something that's more geared towards third party users, not necessarily Vagrant. As @mobrovac mentions, there are other considerations that might make this less attractive in a development environment like Vagrant. That said, it would be nice to move towards installing & configuring both Parsoid and RESTBase in Vagrant by default, as this will eventually let us avoid the need to implement fall-back codepaths for no-RESTBase situations in VE and other consumers.

In any case, it's useful to establish what the memory usage of a combo process is, as many low-end VPS offers are RAM-limited. If it is saving more than single-digit MB of RAM, then we can roll a combo Debian package that sets up at least Parsoid and RESTBase to work out of the box.

Reopened as non-Vagrant specific.

A basic Parsoid & RESTBase combo service config is now available at This depends on this small Parsoid patch:

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Resolving overall, as Parsoid is now using service-runner by default. is building on this to provide a single service with RB & Parsoid. We will track further work on this in separate tasks.

I'm trying to use, but I do not get it to work any more. Is anything changed that prevent it to work?

I did following:

  1. git clone
  2. npm install

This results in a lot of compiling errors