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ContentTranslation publishing failures because of content filtering (tracking)
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There are several issues of inability to publish pages using ContentTranslation because of content filtering tools such as AbuseFilter or TitleBlacklist.

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Worth considering whether all depending issues can be solved with a single change, namely:

The easiest solution for this is to send the user to the action=edit or veaction=edit form as soon as the click "publish", so that they can handle everything in the normal editing interface.

It isn't easy: we need to record the fact that article has been published and add the correct tag. Yes, this can be done, but it is not easy.

Maybe some code reuse is possible. VisualEditor does it in some 25 lines total, AFAICT.;e24eaea22cce151ff72fa8876589cdb5f4d583fe$1343-1348;e24eaea22cce151ff72fa8876589cdb5f4d583fe$1472-1492

Certainly it's easier than reinventing integration with abusefilter, captcha, edittools and dozens or hundreds of extensions which modify the editor, EditPage and friends.

See also April 2014 and December 2014 unaddressed comments.

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I replied to you in T114621. Please don't spill the discussion to multiple places.

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