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API should expose enough structured data about notifications that frontend can render them
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Currently, the api.php?action=query&meta=notifications outputs some structured data, but not enough for frontend code to be able to render the notifications. You have to pass in notformat=flyout and that gets you pre-rendered HTML with an icon baked in.

To render notifications, we'd at least need: (please update this list as needed)

  • Body text
  • Icon
  • Primary link hrefs
  • Secondary actions
    • Label
    • Tooltip/caption
    • Icon
    • href
    • Whether they are "explicit" (rendered outside of the more menu when the notif is rendered non-compressed) or "implicit" (rendered inside of the more menu)

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Change 253341 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie):
Expose more data through API

In the patch currently up for review, available data is the same as what backend currently needs to render. For primary & secondary links, the only data currently available is "href" and "text".
Is there already a task for where we plan to introduce the other secondary link details?

Is there already a task for where we plan to introduce the other secondary link details?

Yes, T115421: Allow secondary actions to have icons and subtitles/tooltips

I'll just keep the patch as-is (expose existing info to API).
Adding in additional data that doesn't yet exist will be part of that other ticket, then.

Change 253341 merged by jenkins-bot:
Expose more data through API

Checked in betalabs:
With notformat=flyout

"read": "20151123181326",
                    "targetpages": [],
                    "*": "<div class=\"mw-echo-state\"><img class=\"mw-echo-icon\" src=\"/static/master/extensions/Flow/modules/notification/icon/Talk-ltr.png\" /><div class=\"mw-echo-content\"><div class=\"mw-echo-title\"><span class=\"plainlinks mw-echo-title-heading\"><a rel=\"nofollow\" class=\"external text\" href=\";topic_showPostId=st2ofl4opl69tze3&amp;fromnotif=1#flow-post-st2ofl4opl69tze3\">Nov03</a></span><br/>ET1 responded on <b>Talk:ET1</b>.</div>\n<div class=\"mw-echo-notification-footer\">4 days ago</div>\n<a href=\"/w/index.php?title=Topic:Ss1260tya85xnhug&amp;topic_showPostId=st2ofl4opl69tze3&amp;fromnotif=1#flow-post-st2ofl4opl69tze3\" title=\"Topic:Ss1260tya85xnhug\" class=\"mw-echo-notification-primary-link\">View post</a></div>\n</div>\n"