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Create a MOOC about French Wikipedia
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The goal of the WikiMOOC project is to create a MOOC to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia in French. The project is led by a dozen francophone contributors and is supported by Wikimedia France. MOOC's video shooting started on November 21st 2015. The MOOC was published in February 2016.

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Got a chat with Jules
T102398: Migrate wikis to use a single edit tab which has both visual and wikitext modes and allows on-the-fly switching between them blocks this task on these points:

  • video recording are coming soon and have to know what are next steps concerning the single edit tab to integrate it or not in the video
  • the MOOC introduces VE as primary editor but also introduces wikitext. What will be the way to discover wikitext with the single edit tab?

During one of the lessons, newbies will create an article which can be proofread by experienced users. The plan is to use a Flow board.
The idea is to prefill Flow topic title (blocked by T59153: Allow links in Flow topic titles) or content (blocked by T116002: Prefill loads all template contents, including <noinclude> elements) with a link to the newbie's sandbox.

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FIY: The francophone contributors are designing a WikiMOOC #2, for March 2017.