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[Bug] Entity ids not formatted in Wikibase watchlist edits in client
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I noticed that Wikidata edits on my watchlist do not have the properties or wikibase item values formatted. without formatting, seeing these changes isn't so much useful to me as it could be.

watchlist.png (709×1 px, 406 KB)

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When we say formatting, do we mean "human readable version of the data element being changed"? E.g., if the change now is

D Tod Sloan (jockey) (Q7812099); 10:00 . . Danrok (talk | contribs) (‎Created claim: Property:P509: Q147778, #autolist2)

is the desire of the task to show the (prototype) below?

D Tod Sloan (jockey) (Q7812099); 10:00 . . Danrok (talk | contribs) (‎Created claim: Cause of death (Property:P509) = Cirrhosis (Q147778), #autolist2)
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Needs discussion to see if blocked on wbterms stuff