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Evalulate pros and cons of an immutable data type for linear model data
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We do a lot of defensive copying of linear model data, and have had difficult bugs in the past due to people modifying passed-by-reference objects. Using something like Facebook's immutable-js might protect us against some of these issues.

Cons: Would probably require a lot of additional code, replacing our neat plain object/array APIs with method calls. May also be a performance hit doing method calls instead of simple property accesses.


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Another possibility (not necessarily better; possibly less drastic) would be to have clones of (or whatever) that use copy-on-write semantics. (So thing2 = thing.clone() is very fast, with thing2 essentially being an "empty" reference to thing until such time as a mutator is called on either thing or thing2).

Another option I've found is to use Object.freeze (
which works on any object type (including arrays). This causes an exception to be thrown if you try to modify the object (but only if strict mode is enabled).