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Add opt-out statistics for default gadgets listed at Special:GadgetUsage
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We should be able to get stats on how many users disable each default gadget, so that we can reconsider which ones should actually be turned off by default.

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The GadgetUsage system is maintained by Community-Tech, I think?

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Change 591179 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ammarpad; owner: Ammarpad):
[mediawiki/extensions/Gadgets@master] Add support for opt-out statistics of default gadgets

@DannyS712 I was going to tag you on this ticket if you're interested in helping review @Ammarpad's code but then I saw your comment on the patch. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

Change 591179 abandoned by Ammarpad:
[mediawiki/extensions/Gadgets@master] Add support for limited opt-out statistics of default gadgets


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