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Next Phabricator Upgrade - 2016-03-03
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MediaWiki / Phabricator / Maintenance

Event: {E145} - This is Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd @ 01:00 UTC

Tasks solved upstream but still not deployed on should add this task as blocker. When there are significant / important blockers, @mmodell will pull from upstream and deploy during the soonest available deployment window.

Other Deployments:

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mmodell claimed this task.
mmodell raised the priority of this task from to Medium.
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Maybe in near future, so example next week, or is this update blocked?

@Luke081515: it could happen as early as tonight.

I'm gonna say next wednesday. I should probably give people a bit of warning.

mmodell renamed this task from Future Phabricator Upgrade to Next Phabricator Upgrade - 2016-03-03.Feb 24 2016, 7:36 PM

@mmodell : Does resolving this imply that it was actually pushed to production? Or just that it is ready?

Yeah, what he said ^ @ksmith: It was pushed to production.