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Phase 1 repository migrations to Differential (goal - end of June 2016)
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See for more context and timeline.

Goal: The goal is to get about 1 project per WMF "team" and a couple "community-owned" projects.

Purpose: To get people using Differential at a slower pace of adoption in the beginning instead of all at once. This will allow us to help them and respond to issues more quickly/effectively and increase the number of people who can help others when the time comes (eg: their other project collaborators).


  • mediawiki-vagrant - rMWVA
  • wikimedia-wikimania-scholarships - rWWSC
  • wikimedia-iegreview - rWIEG

Projects already using Differential:

scap - rMSCARelEng
Thumbor - rTHMBREXTPerformance (Gilles)
MediaWiki extension 3d - rETHRPerformance (Gilles)
3d2png - rTDTPPerformance (Gilles)
WikimediaUI - rWMUIUI (Volker)

Event Timeline

Creating sub-tasks for specific repos in this phase as there won't be a ton of them and tracking the individually will help. For the bigger phases we probably won't have a task per repo (but might for some of the more complicated ones).

greg renamed this task from Goal: Phase 1 repository migrations to Phase 1 repository migrations to Differential (goal - end of June 2016).Mar 31 2016, 11:47 PM
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Done, though we didn't get to migrating MW-V.

greg removed a project: User-greg.