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Migrate mediawiki-vagrant to Differential
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We missed this one for Q4, but we still hope to migrate it soon. Here's the plan (from a call today with Mukunda, Chad, Tyler, and myself):


  • announce we're opening up Differential use for mediawiki-vagrant
  • Gerrit still available (iow: we're doing what we did with scap at the beginning)
  • pause the work on T127 (@mmodell has been working on this a bit)
  • work on long lived branches T89945 (what @mmodell's time will be spent on during this quarter, Q1, primarily)
  • when done with the long lived branches work, go back to T127
  • after git push is "done" fully migrate MW-V to Differential (or if people have stopped using Gerrit and are fine with Differential, whichever comes first)