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Allow registration and login with a Google account
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The Android app is a testbed for new ideas, especially controversial ones. Additionally, as many users are already logged into their Google accounts as part of phone setup (necessary to use the Play Store and Gmail), the app seems an ideal candidate to support Wikimedia account registration and login using a Google ID.

Gergő is interested in the technical implementation of this feature and may be able to help us flesh out any areas that the existing documentation needs more detail.

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Peachey88 added a subscriber: Peachey88.

Legal would need to sign off on this first, due to user privacy for this to be enabled anywhere near the WMF wikis.

This has been discussed previously and unless there is large community census and any privacy policy blockers removed, it won't happen (one example is T61631: Enable Facebook login on Wikimedia wikis).

Some good questions raised by @Mholloway and @Dbrant about supporting OpenID in general, how does one log in when not on Android, and value to the user need to be answered as well before this card can be worked on.

T215046: RfC: Use Github login for has lots of discussion about the privacy and community aspects of supporting external authentication in general.