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Make APISandbox useable on mobile
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  • The JavaScript and CSS should load on mobile
  • The display should adapt for mobile screens

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Change 315698 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Enable APISandbox code on mobile

Change 315698 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable APISandbox code on mobile

Probably, although I don't know much about mobile JS.

Looks like the second part of the task needs some design input. @Nirzar how can we make look nice on mobile screens?

FYI this is intentionally not part of the reading web backlog and probably best addressed by OOjs UI/UI standardisation team since it uses a widget we don't use in the reading web team.

It apparently looks quite well on mobile and I am able to use it just like the desktop version.

I am removing archived project tags.

Afaik, we do not do that. Why would we? Just because a project is not going to be used in a future, it is a valuable reference at tasks from the past.

It's probably easiest addressed by not absolute position .oo-ui-menuLayout-content & .oo-ui-menuLayout-menu but to put them one atop of another by either float them with menu on top on small screens or reset all positioning to relative (and top/left/bottom/right/display/width).
All the other amendments, like .oo-ui-fieldLayout-align-left make labels go above inputs and set inputs to 100% width are pretty easy then and should probably also go upstream.

image.png (8×1 px, 960 KB)

But still no time to code this myself.