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Allow per-wiki customization of the map detail list
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We should make it possible for the site javascript to alter the details list before it gets shown. This way ruwiki, for example, could make Yandex appear closer to the top, and, perhaps, hide other external service that does not serve that community well.

Event Timeline

We should totally make the list of external services customizable per-wiki.

I can think of different options to allowing this, such as:

I was told that it is highly discouraged for us to use Mediawiki:*.js/css pages for anything. Perhaps an event might be a bit better.

Full JS maybe, but I think JSON configuration pages are reasonable (e.g. Citoid) for allowing on-wiki customizations.

I would strongly favor full extension of externalLinks.json via a page like Mediawiki:KartographerExternalLinks.js. There's nothing wrong with doing this, especially now that the MediaWiki namespace is locked-down to a very small number of editors. Other MediaWiki extensions and services allow similar on-wiki configuration (e.g. WikiLove, PageCuration, Citoid, etc.).