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Wikibase API should support adding change tags
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This basically involves adding support for tags parameter. It would be useful for gadgets and user scripts (see request).

See also T97720: Add a tags parameter to API modules creating a logentry.

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putnik added a subscriber: putnik.Jan 13 2017, 8:10 AM

I am glad that someone else shares the idea that it should be possible to set tags manually.

Here is a list of API actions which need to be able to set tags:

  • action=wbcreateclaim
  • action=wbcreateredirect
  • action=wbeditentity
  • action=wblinktitles
  • action=wbmergeitems
  • action=wbremoveclaims
  • action=wbremovequalifiers
  • action=wbremovereferences
  • action=wbsetaliases
  • action=wbsetclaim
  • action=wbsetclaimvalue
  • action=wbsetdescription
  • action=wbsetlabel
  • action=wbsetqualifier
  • action=wbsetreference
  • action=wbsetsitelink

Makes sense to me.
Do other modules outside Wikibase already allow it?

See the linked task.