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Create a Edit group extension
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There's a EditGroups tool, which may track sets of changes on Wikidata items which follow a similar pattern and are performed around the same time by a given user. The tool is specific to Wikidata, but clearly it's nice to have similar tools for other wikimedia wikis, especially Commons. We may make it a MediaWiki extension.

We may add a new table for storing edit groups. Each record of edit group have a unique ID (auto increment), a type (string or a reference to change tag) which is used to differentiate the tool used, a reference of performer, and an (optional?) summary. There'll be some new API function:

  • A new API function to create a new edit group.
  • A new API function to view all edits or log actions involved in an edit group
  • (probably) A new API function to view pages involved in an edit group
  • For all functions that creates new revision or log entry, you can specify the edit group belongs to (probably there should only be at most one edit group per edit, but it can be discussed).

In addition we may have a special page to list all edit groups, and another one to list all edits or log actions involved in an edit group.

Bots and existing tools performing batch edits (AWB, Pywikibot, Cat-a-lot, VisualFileChange, various batch uploading tools, various mass rollback tools, probably some specific function of Twinkle) may be adapted to create edit groups.

Also, we may create a (external, to prevent disrupting the server) tool to mass revert edits made from a edit group (even if they are not newest edits).

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The EditGroups external tool now has documentation for developers, explaining the current infrastructure:
I would be happy to expand on the points that are unclear or missing.

I agree it would be great to have MediaWiki extension for this, this sort of feature really ought to be supported by the platform itself without the need for an external tool. But that sounds like quite a big project, which does not sound likely to happen soon without some serious investment from professional dev teams (WMF/WMDE). The current external tool can be used to play around and experiment with the possible workflows / features.

Also it would be great to make it possible to run it on other Wikibase instances (at the moment it relies on the Wikimedia EventStream). I would be happy to give guidance and help to anyone who would be interested in working on that.