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Adding fonts for Church Slavonic language in ULS
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getmantzev94, Jan 31 2017


Please add fonts for Church Slavonic language in ULS (files in attachment).

The main font is Ponomar Unicode (previously called Hirmos Ponomar) for typesetting Synodal Church Slavonic (that is, Church Slavonic used in modern liturgical texts of the Russian Orthodox Church). It may also be used to typeset liturgical texts in Romanian (Moldovan) Cyrillic, Aleut and Sakha (Yakut).

Fedorovsk Unicode is designed to mimic the typeface used by Ivan Fedorov, who produced some of the first printed books in Moscow. It is intended primarily for reproducing publications from that era, either in an academic setting, or as modern Old Rite liturgical texts.

Monomakh Unicode is a Cyrillic font implemented in a mixed ustav/poluustav style and intended to cover needs of researches dealing with Slavic history and philology. It also provides Latin characters in a similar typeface, which is useful for working with multilingual academic editions.

Menaion Unicode provides both Cyrillic and Glagolitic characters and is intended for representing text from Ustav-era Church Slavonic manuscripts.

All fonts are free software, dual-licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0, or the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1, at your choosing.



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Any progress here?
@Amire80 can you help?

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Please! It's really useful not only for Russian but for Ukrainian also. In our languages Church Slavonic texts usually citing in modern texts without additional styling, we distinguish modern text from cites by font only. It's common tradition since beginning on 18 century while modern font (гражданский шрифт) was designed. So now, without these fonts we are not able made adequate copies of many sources in Ukrainian and Russian Wikisources and we do not able made Church Slavonic (i. e. Church and all pre-18 century) cities according to our typographic traditions in Russian, Ukrainian and possible both Belarus Wikipedias.

FYI: If you'd like to contact ULS' maintainers, see the "Contact us" section on

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