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Add image data option to Special:Export
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When doing exporting pages include templates and images, (this should be an option that is not checked by default)

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To clarify -- are you suggesting changing it so these options are on by default?

They should be off by default. and only work when getting the current version of the page.

The option for templates is already there.

Backend code exists for images, and sort of works with dumpBackup.php, but is not yet exposed to Special:Export.

Changing summary to aim at adding support for images to Special:Export.

This should also include the templates that are used on the page also. so if {{template:A}} is on a page the template is exported when exporting the page.

Yes, that's what the include templates option does.

/me stabs himself I was looking at older versions of mediawiki, I guess. when was that introduced?

Mass compoment change: <some> -> Export/Import

What is the current status of this bug?

  • Bug 22025 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Looks like in SpecialExport theres code for most of this, just commented out... Presumably broken/similar..

rehman.wikimedia wrote:

Whats the current status of this bug?

Its still pending resolution/implementation

rehman.wikimedia wrote:

(In reply to comment #12)

Its still pending resolution/implementation

What's holding back the implementation?

This probably needs a couple of things:

  • enable upload-data export by default in the WikiExporter class (may need to clean it up first -- you can try this with dumpBackup.php now by passing --upload option)
  • add a thingy for Special:Export similar to the 'include templates' mode to find all images used by the requested pages and add them on to the output page set
  • find a sane way to handle untrusted/semi-trusted images on import (also consider images that are accessible via Commons etc and may not need to be actually copied)
  • have WikiImporter handle images by default, so Special:Import and importDump.php handle them automagically.

There's also the question of whether/how to handle full-data files... the current export format's upload data extension only includes a URL to the original file, so isn't suitable as an archival format for actual image data. And of course we wouldn't want it to include the actual images in standard data dumps because they're going to be wayyyyy too big.

Probably need to break a few bugs out...

Also see bug 29160 asking about file support on the CLI dumpBackup/importDump; the feature's there but incomplete and not on by default.

This old request is blocking the also old Bug 6071 - Transwiki image import

Are these still big problems we plan to solve some day?

If so, is this task a good candidate for ?

If not, should we change them to Lowest?

This has the potential to make moving data from project to project, and even having a standard import/export with default data much easier. Right now setting up and or importing templates/articles and similar are very time consuming as you have to track down every image that is being used and manually move that to the new project. This would also make moving data to and from commons much easier and enable maintaining attribution without having to jump through hoops.

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