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Create product requirements for android offline collection support
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Before implementing support for article collection files such as Kiwix files, we need to define how offline collections will be used within the app.

Some areas to think about:
Storage requirements
Download size requirements
Should images be included?
Do large downloads need to be reumsable? What happens if a 500 Mb download is interupted 80% complete?
Do users need to get Incremental updates or redownload the whole file?
Can incremental updates be implemented client side (Also define "incremental")?
Do we need to persist the downloaded file the device?
Wifi / cellular restrictions?
Prepackaged collections? or also defined by users?
How do users browse for new collections? Native? In app? Web? Where are they hosted?
Should wmf be able to generate collections? Edit them? What about volunteers? End users?
How do users browse downloaded collections?
How do users know if an update to a collection is available?
How do users know if a particular article is up to date or an update is available?
How does the UI from Reading Lists differ from the UI for Offline Collections in apps?
How does the functionality of Reading Lists differ from Offline Collections?

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@atgo @Dbrant Rita mentioned she is doing UX for this at standup.

How does this relate to product requirements being fleshed out here?

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. Probably should get a plan in place here for how we intend to move forward.

FYI for @RHo @Dbrant this and private reading lists were discussed extensively at recent PM salon

@Fjalapeno Yeah, I'm setting up some time this week for prod+design to go over this.

I'm looking at defining UX requirements for initial consumption-only model (readers browse and download collections via some UI), and how this would evolve or extend if/when we allow ability for creating and curating collections.
As part of this, I'm also identifying the difference use cases for Collections vs Reading lists – do not quite agree with the description that collections "seem somewhat natural to mix with the reading list UI"... aiming to share during meeting later this week.

thanks team. Looking forward to talking this week.

@RHo thanks… I updated the description to be a more question oriented (didn't mean to assume a solution there)

thanks @Fjalapeno – description points have been a good reference to work through as they relate to corresponding user stories.

From the meeting, I wanted to flag one of the important product questions that came up.

Is the purpose of supporting Zim files to:

  1. Enable the Android app to become a Zim file reader to browse offline collections from Kiwix


  1. Use Zim files as a method to bulk import articles into the Android app for offline consumption

Though the difference is subtle I think it will inform other design and technical decisions.

BTW. did this stall ? I remember it being pretty high one the 'we are doing this' list earlier in the year and i feel i haven't heard about it since...

hi @TheDJ - we created a prototype on Android (to show ZIM files in Android) and tested a proposed 'V1' with users. Because all tickets related to this project were tagged with Android-app-feature-Compilations – and then the feature was renamed as "Offline Library" along the line, it may bit a harder than usual to track tickets on Phab.

The project page which outlines the work we did is here:

More on research findings are here:

As a TL:DR; Android will be releasing a 'sideloading only ' version of this feature initially (see T177655) whilst more is done to figure out hosting of ZIM files and considerations around content pack curation.

Resetting assignee.