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Discard process on Content Translation preventing new translator working on discarded translation article
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Students on the Translation Studies MSc course at the University of Edinburgh are translating articles using Content Translation. User:Sariputrahan is trying to translate the Chinese Wikipedia article on the Tianjin Grand Theater into English Wikipedia but User:Maxliu1993 accidentally began to translate the article in her Content Translation tool.

Maxliu1993 has since been translating a different article to allow Sariputrahan to translate the Tianjin Grand Theater article BUT it is still showing the warning that she is still working with it:

"This is an ongoing translation by Maxliu1993.

Please make sure you coordinate with the user who translated the current translation."

Maxliu1993 has discarded this aborted translation (as pictured) so then Sariputrahan should be able begin but anyone who tries to begin it gets the same error above (pictured).

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@santhosh , @Nikerabbit , is this the same as T146450?

Is its complete resolution blocked by T160612? Or is it a different problem?

Seems pretty much about T160612: Clean-up production database for T146450. In database the cx_translations table is consistent, but cx_translators has a different translator_user_id for translation 274449.

Is this still happening? Is it affecting only old drafts (that will be discarded after a while) or also new ones?

Currently, Content translation is preventing users from translating the same article. In the future we want to remove such limitation (T86151). We want to spend efforts in building the new system (i.e., allowing multiple users to translate the same article) rather than fixing some edge cases of the old one.