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Copyrighted images in Explore feed
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Fair use images can be displayed in the Explore feed in WP for Android 2.5.195-r-2017-04-21. For example, right now if I tap the app icon on my phone I go to a page (not the mobile view page) that begins with News. There is the Mumbai Indians logo which is a fair use image.

Another user believes the Android app will display images from any news story (and not display the free news image that is carefully chosen by admins which is visible in a laptop).

This seems related to T165807 mismatched news images.

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Note to self: Here's the request in question: The first link in the story doesn't have a page image associated with it, so it took the second link for this story.

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Hi guys. Today the World Series logo is at the top of mobile Wikipedia. That is a copyrighted, fair use image that should not be there.

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The copyrighted E.T. film poster is today prominently displayed on the main page of the mobile site as the article about the film is today's featured article on en.wp. This is despite the human-curated front page of the desktop front page using the public domain extract from the logo. I don't see why there would ever be a need for a different image to be used.

Also, the logo for the 2017 Japan Series is currently the fourth ITN image and has presumably been appearing on the main page since it was posted on 5 November.

Dumb question: why do you still want to use fair-use images (aka non-free images) on the app? I may be wrong, but this is how I understand that task.

It is confusing (some readers may believe all films posters are free to reuse). Don't you think it would be easier to only display images from Commons only? Fair-use wikis are not the rule but the exception, so they shouldn't be treated differently than other wikis concerning the images the can use.

I think you may have misunderstood - fair use images are appearing on the main page in the app when they do not do so on the desktop version or mobile view of the desktop version.

There are two slightly different cases where this happens, due to the same root cause - the app displays the first image (as defined by which is called first in the source) from the linked article, regardless of copyright status.

  1. On the desktop version of the In The News box there is a single image, this is associated with one of the linked stories (not necessarily the first) and it may be any image from that article (not necessarily the first) or an image not used in the article (most frequently because it is cropped differently because it is displayed significantly smaller on the main page than the article) - this is always a free image (on the rare occasions there is no suitable free image, no image is used). The app illustrates every article linked with the first image from that article, regardless of context or copyright status.
  2. On the desktop version of Today's Featured Article there is an image chosen to represent the article, which is (almost?*) always a free image, but may not be any image from the article (or may not be one that appears in the article, e.g. differently cropped) . The app illustrates the article with the first image from the article, regardless of copyright status or context.

(*I'm not sure what happens when the the subject of the article is a copyrighted image or artwork, but I suspect no image is used.)

The English Wikipedia's fair use policy requires there to be a fair use rationale for every page the image is used on - which would include the main page. This is not the case when the app currently displays a fair use image on the main page. Further, I suspect that no rationale compliant with en.wp policy could be written for most (if not all) of these uses (see WP:NFCC).

For these reasons, the desire is that fair use images are not shown on the main page.
There is no issue (afaiaa) with non-free images being shown inline in articles in the app as the same fair use rationale will apply as for the desktop version. I do not know whether fair use images being used (in whole or in part) as the header image in the app is a problem or not, but if it is then it is very likely not this problem.

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This is definitely related to T165807, and one is possibly a subtask of the other but I'm not sure which way round.