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Enable Upload by URL for admins on Commons
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Author: Kanonkas

Currently at Commons, administrators can't upload files through upload by url, as far as I know but I would like this to get changed. I was thinking we could make it available for admins at Commons to upload by url

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+keyword, change component to Wikimedia Site Requests.

to clarify: the request is to enable $wgAllowCopyUploads but restrict the upload_by_url permission to admins. I support the idea, as i see no harm in it, and it would could make things easier on admins.

Note this would not work at present, as the web servers do not have access to the general internet.

Despite the fact that WM servers don't have internet access, there would still be some benefit in enabling upload by URL, even if it is only possible to upload from

This would make transfer of media from WM wikis to Commons much easier and quicker. It would make it finally possible to do this from client-side JavaScript (using the API), rather than relying on the semi-broken CommonsHelper. This would make it easier to cut down the move-to-Commons backlog on enwiki.

So it would make people happy :)

Agree with This, that and the other on the importance of having an updated 'Transfer to Commons' tool. If such feature could be implemented, it would be a great help to those of us chipping away at a ~250,000 item backlog on en.wikipedia.

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