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Template-protected and ECP pages being improperly treated as fully protected
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I have both the "extended confirmed" and "template editor" user rights on enwiki, but when I go to a page on the Android app that is protected under either of the relevant protection levels, I get the little icon of a pencil with a lock blocking it, and if I try to click on that icon I get the notice saying "This page is protected: Sorry, your account does not have sufficient privileges to edit this page at this time."

I have confirmed that this does not happen on the mobile site (using Chrome on the same phone).

Phone details:

  • Google Pixel
  • Android 7.1.2
  • Last security patch 2017-07-05
  • Baseband version 8996-012901-1702171013
  • Kernel version 3.18.31-g80c8372084ef, #1, 21:30:32 2017-05-22 (UTC)
  • Build # NJH47D

Screenshots available upon request.

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@PinkAmpersand do you want to see if this still happens in Alpha?

The alpha release is available for download at

It contains our latest updates, including a recent change that likely fixes this issue.

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Please reopen if this is still happening.

@Dbrant Yep, it's working fine now. Thanks. Although I did get an error when I tried to edit a Lua module on the app. Just a generic "an error occurred," not the "page protected" message I was running into here. Is that a known bug(/feature?), or should I report it?

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This is happening to me on the latest version (2.7.50345-r-2021-03-04). I can't edit pages protected pages in hewikipedia in the app, but I can edit the same page in the browser. I get this error when trying to edit in the app{F34154746}

Could it be related to T275322?

I don't think so - I can't start editing the page, it doesn't go into review (hewiki doesn't have a pending changes protection as far as I know)

@Nickolas Could you please try again with the build that is on the URL below and let us know if it is fixed?

Thanks You

Yes it's fixed there! Thank you very much.
I can edit now from the app now, although it still shows the lock icon. I'm not sure if that's the intended behavior, but that's a different issue. Thanks to whoever worked on this 😊