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Consolidate preferences: Users who don’t have the new UX at all (option #3)
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This version of preferences is displayed to users who do NOT have the new UX on RC or Watchlist (meaning they've opted out on both pages or, in the near term, opted out on RC page and never took the beta on WL).

The many small changes made in the new design to wording and layout are too numerous to note individually. So, for layout of the page, see the screenshot below, under "Layout." To get correct wording, copy and paste the text in the "Wording" section. (Copy and paste is safest because so many, many small wording changes have been made.)

For all old-style preferences, see T172757 for details about how to convert to equivalents in the new UX.

Layout, Option #3

Please consult this graphic for details about grouping and order of items, indentation and variation among text styles

  • All styles in the mockup are meant to indicate existing styles on the Preference page
  • Please note that as now, to help users distinguish among page sections more easily, vertical spacing between the last item in a section and the following section title is greater than spacing between the first item in a section and that section's own title.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.25.09 PM.png (1×543 px, 160 KB)


Copy final wording from section #3 of this document.

Functional Changes, Option #3

This section will single out for description only the functions and behavior which change in the preference consolidation. I.e., unless discussed, functionality will be the same as previous to consolidation. Some significant layout changes are mentioned, though you should check the Layout section below for further details. It's important to read each item carefully, because even elements that appear to be the same from one version to the next may have slightly different behavior (or titles) in different versions of these preferences. All such differences have been noted.

Number of edits to show section
  • Number of edits becomes a section of its own.
  • As before (though it was not fully stated), this control sets the default number of changes to show on Recent Changes, History, Contributions & Logs pages. (WL needs its own preferenc).
  • We will set a new maximum number for all these pages of 500.
  • The header reads "Number of Edits to show on all pages but Watchlist"
Revision Scoring section
  • On ORES wikis, Revision Scoring becomes its own section,
  • This section, which controls the "classic ORES" features, appears on ORES-enabled wikis only.
  • The controls apply to all pages on which Classic ORES is available. On this version of preferences, these are Recent Changes, Watchlist and Contributions.
  • The section title reflects that: Revision Scoring on Recent Changes, Watchlist and Contributions
  • A new subline describes the controls. The subline contains the word "ORES," which links to
  • The functions in this section have been re-ordered for clarity, and the small gray instruction text for the menu has been reworded.
Watchlist section
  • Most Watchlist preferences are carried forward (but have been reworded and rearranged).
  • The "Group changes by page" option for WL was previously available only on RC page, and was a combined setting for both pages. WL now has its on preference.
  • Since "Group changes by page" is only relevant when the user selects "Show all changes to a page, not just the latest revision," the function is shown visually as indented under that option.
  • The "Number of edits to display when showing all changes" control is also indented under "Show all changes to a page", for the same reason.
    • If possible, these controls should be grayed out until the user selects "Show all changes to a page." But if that's not possible, a visual indent will be sufficient.
  • Note: as now, the option "Always add pages I review to my watchlist" appears only for users who have the reviewer right. (This option has been reworded.)
  • [After Watchlist beta graduation, a New Filters opt-out will be added to the section; this is handled in T173542]
Recent Changes section
  • The RC page preferences formerly known as "Advanced options", along with the "days to show" control, are displayed (but have been reworded and rearranged).
    • E.g., a new "Default filter settings" subhead now leads this section.
    • The New Filters opt out language and check box (T168376) are displayed
    • If the user is seeing this version of the page, then necessarily they've opted out of the New Filters. So the opt-out will be selected.
    • When a user UNselects this option (to bring back the New Filters):
      • The New Filters UX appears on RC page.
      • The Monitoring Changes preferences page reloads to display whichever of the 4 versions of the page is appropriate to that user, based on where she now does or doesn't have the new UX.
      • The user's Monitoring Changes preferences are translated to the new UX, as per T172757.
Pending Changes
  • No changes were made to this section.
  • (As now, there is a preference that shows u only if you have the reviewer right: Show the difference between the accepted and latest revisions when viewing the latest pending revision)

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