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Create and publicize a goatification FAQ
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Goats are making inroads in awareness up to and including mentions in Wikimania 2017 keynote speeches. This is exciting for those who are in on the joke, but it is confusing for those who are not. We as a collective group are pretty good at writing things on wikis, so I think someone should start the {{stub}} for a Goatification FAQ somewhere (metawiki? mw.o?) that the Goatification project page can point to and that others can easily reference.

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I goat for mw.o! - as we're technicallyAGoat :)

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In all seriousness -it would be good to clarify this. There were a bunch of us not at Wikimania, who wanted to be there and were sad not to be and now feel alienated like we're being left out of a funny joke that we don't understand and feel even more bummed out. Not only are you confusing us but making us feel like we've been told we can't sit at the "cool table". Is GoatSniffer just some kind of funny joke we don't get or a piece of software that we need to take seriously? Some kind of context on wikitech-l would be great, Thank you!

WikiGoat History as far as I know it: WMDE had a cat wall. WMDE is moving offices spaces and considering to take the cat wall or not. @Bmueller wondered "why cats? what about goats instead?" Birgit talks about goats for months with quite a lot of push-back from the cat community. Rachel and Birgit put a goat immagein their hackathon presentation in Vienna. Rachel and Siebrand wonder "which memes do we use for the opening of the Montreal hackathon?" Rachel decides to go with Goats. @siebrand takes this to the next level. The goat community grows and takes on traction throughout the Wikimania hackahton. Many informal, spontaneous goat-meetups take place where people brainstorm goat-puns and projects that can use goats. By the start of Wikimania the goat community is strong and healthy. The largest, most impressive, collaborative, happy and touching more areas of Wikimedia hacking project that Rachel has ever seen begins to form. Lots of goat art is created. People meet, have fun, laugh and constructively do things to further goats @ Wikimania. A goat-a-thon takes place to add more goats to our projects like Wikipedia, WikiData, etc. Some parts of the WMF board and main Wikimania organizing team are convinced to mention goats officially. The Wikimania social telegram channel and the wikimania hackathon social telegram channel basically become wiki-goat-observation/pan-channels. Most goat related projects are tracked here: if there are questions about the greater relevance of any specific thing I think its best to ask on that specific task. If there are any wiki-goat efforts that are not on that board, please add them. Make sure to check the closed tasks as well.

At Wikimania Hackathon, James Forrester asks "What does 'goats are the new kittens' mean?"

Darn it! I wish that I had heard that correctly at the time. I would have said "yes!"