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"For later" articles loaded twice
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One way I found to reproduce this:

  • Have some pair of languages, say en->sr
  • Change target language to en. Automatic swap will give sr->en pair
  • While suggestions are loading (you don't even need to be that fast) change target language back to sr. Swapping will make the pair be en->sr.

So, while one request is pending, triggering another will give double results. List of Suggested pages (list below "For later" list) is also doubled.

cx-for-later-loaded-twice.PNG (824×795 px, 135 KB)

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I suggest to triage this as "Low" or "Lowest", as this is edge case. Just showing how not canceling requests can bite us.

The description has the case of fast swapping of languages while suggestions are loading. I have just experienced following:

  • Selected language pair was sr->en.
  • I choose sr as target and languages get swapped. Since source and target languages are changed, new suggestions are loaded, but we have everything twice.

This might be bigger problem than edge case explained in description.

We plan for a refactor of the translation dashboard (T243583) as part of the work on SectionTranslation thath will include the way lists work (T253253). Once it is completed we'll use this ticket to check that the behaviour is as intended for this particular aspect.