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UI Copy for Describe step on Upload Wizard
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Need updated UI copy for Upload Wizard help text (Describe step). Help text is being moved out of the information widgets and placed between the input headings and the input fields to make prompts more visible to users.

This work is tied to the implementation of the new structured data field, Multilingual Captions (

Doc is here:

Need feedback from the following in particular (please inviter others as you see fit): @Ramsey-WMF @SandraF_WMF @Keegan

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Event Timeline (UploadWizard "redesign") is ready to be merged.
It is based on & the copy matches this mockup.
Except for the captions help text, which was changed to "Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents, including only the most relevant information." (see T192843) - though captions won't be enabled in production yet.

It's also up for testing on

The doc mentioned in this task's description has a lot of alternative suggestions, but as far as I can see, these haven't been finalised?
Do we want to keep working on alternative copy before merging the visual changes, or can we start merging these patches and make UW look exactly like what's on, with that copy?

@matthiasmullie - I neglected to update this old doc. The most recent version of the Description instructions I've written as a synthesis of the prior doc is this:

"Provide any and all information that will help others understand what this file represents."

Pinging @Ramsey-WMF for final approval.

@matthiasmullie slight revision to the Description UI copy instructions (should make it easier for translations):

Provide all information that will help others understand what this file represents.

Change 416466 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie; owner: Matthias Mullie):
[mediawiki/extensions/UploadWizard@master] Improve what details step looks like

Change 416466 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/UploadWizard@master] Improve what details step looks like

Old ticket from first round of Captions. New stuff for tweaks can go in a new ticket.