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Default query examples for Wikibase-specific WDQS
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  • number of triples
  • latest revision
  • number of items
  • number of properties
  • example of a query federated with Wikidata

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A good candidate query for a fresh Wikibase instance could also be to query the Wikibase registry for other instances of Wikibase.

Find all other (registered) Wikibase instances that have information for "exact match" to something specific.

This partially relates to T179262 as the examples need to be configurable in order to be able to show other examples.

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I support strongly this issue. It will also push other WDQS-frontend related issues.
It needs at least two things. That's how I do it in my Wikibase instance.

  1. Include custom-config.json with parameters taken from .env to the volume for wdqs-frontend. The custom-config.json specifies also the path to a page with SPARQL examples.
  restart: unless-stopped
    - ./custom-config.json:/templates/custom-config.json
  1. By default the empty Wikibase creates only the main page. It has to add two more pages: SPARQL examples and a template SPARQL.

As soon as this will be a default configuration, the related issues T179262 and T192914 will be resolved as well. Probably it would provide a basis to resolve T296917.

Moving to Wikibase Suite backlog. Please also consider when addressing this, and resolve as well if it seems within scope at that time.

Moving to Wikibase Suite backlog.

Alright, moving it to #wmde-wikidata-tech’s radar then :)