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Think about how to index and search qualifiers for 'depicts' statements
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ATM only statements themselves get indexed. For 'depicts' on commons we also need to be able to search for indexes with qualifiers. Research how this data might be stored in the search index

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Cparle created this task.Apr 25 2018, 11:41 AM
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After talking to the search team we're going to store the qualifiers in the search index in statement_keywords. Each statement will be stored without qualifiers, and then separately with each qualifier

For example, on wikidata the Mona Lisa has the statement 'depicts woman' P180=Q467 and the statement 'depicts sky' P180=Q527 with the qualifiers 'applies to part background' P518=Q13217555 and 'color green' P462=Q3133.

We propose to store these in statement_keywords as follows:

'statement_keywords' : [

In this way the user will be able to search using the haswbstatement keyword. If they want to find items with 'depicts sky' then can search for haswbstatement:P180=Q527, where if they want to find items that depict a green sky they can search for haswbstatement:P180=Q527[P462=Q3133]

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