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VisualEditor: Use Multimedia/Wikidata's proposed rich structured meta-data in the image insertion dialog
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Some suggestions of improvements to the media insertion dialog; this is mostly a brain-dump which we might turn into a tracker later:

  • a way of accessing the file page, on Commons or elsewhere
  • a more clear highlighting
  • maybe slightly enlarging the image
  • double-click to insert
  • filter by: …
    • media type
    • language (mostly specific to audio/video but also maps/diagrams)
    • length (audio/video)
    • resolution (image/video)
    • video bit-depth (image/video)
    • audio bit-depth (video/audio)
    • sample rate (audio)
    • format
    • licence
    • local vs. Commons


The image size is based on the largest default thumbnail (the dialog asks for the 300x300px image and then shows it at 150x*px size). Changing this would need to have discussions with Ops about load on the image renderers and possibly changing the default sizes globally.

The filtering will have to wait for Solr faceted search, if that's indeed coing.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 1:56 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz49662.

It'd be nice to be able to search only by file name, if you know the title or know that that the file you want has a particular word in its name. "Intitle:apple" cuts the number of images by 70%, which is a big help when there are ~12K files returned on that search.

I'm marking a few other improvement suggestions filed as bugs as blockers so they don't get lost.

It makes more sense to combine all the media-related bugs into bug 37870 as a tracker, and use this for its original intent, to be about structured data about files and using that for inserting.

The first part of this is now done by the wonderful Structured Data team's work on SDAW-MediaSearch, which they've now integrated into VisualEditor. The initial work has address the most pressing problem of language; I expect that the faceted search ideas might come later. Thank you!